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Flooring Companies: Hardwood Floors

The kind of flooring company that you go for will in most cases be guided by the type of floor you wish to have. You will realize that a good number of companies are now considering hardwood floors. It is taken to be a standard floor. You however need to understand that not all hardwood is equal. This variance will in most cases be brought about by the material that has been chosen. This is what will lead you to look for advice from these flooring companies. They will often guarantee you quality service and advice that includes the following.

They will help you to decide on whether to go for an engineered flooring or a solid one. A good number of companies are now offering engineered flooring. You will find that these are usually planks that are characterized by a thin layer of flooring which has been bonded to other kinds of layers. This will often purpose to ensure that there is no shifting during the periods of both expansion and contraction. Such types of floors are usually recommended for basements or even apartments. You will realize that there is a possibility of gluing these engineered wood directly to concrete. It is for this reason that it becomes possible for such not to interfere with both the height of the floor as well as existing doors. You will however need to pick a floor that has a layer that is not way too thin.

You will be required to make a choice between a prefinished hardwood plank or one that is finished on the site. You will go for any based on your preferences. You will however note that the finish is either oil or of polyurethane most of the time. So many people are known to prefer oil finishes. This comes about as a result of the fact that they are relatively easy to maintain. Penetrating wood is not a problem for oil. This will in most cases leave a look and feel that seems both natural and soft. But, if not properly done, they might get scratches. Noticing such scratches is however hard. You will have to agree with the company on how to have these floors maintained. You need to pick a company that can guarantee you relatively fair maintenance terms.

You will have to consider the type of wood that you are to pick. You will realize that oak is the most preferred of all. It is known to be relatively durable with an appealing grain. The grain pattern that you choose needs to be quite exceptional. It will be the responsibility of the company to determine the right way to install your floor.

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